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People who seek to let go of boundaries and labels that may define them in daily life, to face a spiritual awakening in community.

Burning Man comes complete with its own lexicon, its own temporary city, and its own Principles.

It describes the dry lakebed that the temporary “city” of burning man sits on.

The Playa is a special and sacred space filled with art installations and art cars.

Located on the clock at & D, gay ground zero spreads over an area about the size of boystowns in comparably libertine cities, 10 or 12 square blocks of homo camps like Wiener Zoo & Pussy Aquarium, Bearin’ Oasis, The Dead Pirates, Gaylactic Invaders Village, Water Boys, Camp Beaverton, Gender Blender, Burner Buddies, Diva Nation, Lil Crack Whores, Meowtown, Mack Hookup Truck, Camp Get Nailed and Poly Paradise.Burning Man is made up of various “theme camps” that are the interactive core of the experience.They are camping sites with a concept that creates a specific experience for participants.Whether it’s dressing up in tutus or leather or going completely naked, I think that it’s a really special space. Up until Camp Beaverton was founded in 2007, we didn’t have a place to find the Dykes.Beaverton is kind of like the Lexington Bar of Burning Man, and that’s why I wanted to help create that space.

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For example, there is no monetary exchange for goods anyplace, everyone is encouraged to participate in gifting small tokens of appreciation in exchange for goods.

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