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They had a hot-and-heavy relationship — one they documented on video — for six months, then things fell apart.Shortly thereafter, the sex tape was leaked online, leading to a lawsuit in which Farrell accused Narain of complicity in its being made public.The two forged a friendship that involved heart-to-hearts on the phone. The two met in LA as he was promoting his 2008 film “In Bruges,” and fell quickly in love.Six months in, she wrote, Farrell told her: “When I get back from this film, let’s have a miniature human that grows.He borrowed a beard trimmer to deal with his hairy problem, he revealed.'I went into my trailer, I got a bin, and I put it there,' he explained.

I was very nervous 'cause I'd never done a sex scene," he explained, joking, "Now, they're just a walk in the park... They're always uncomfortable."EXCLUSIVE: Colin Farrell on Reluctantly Letting Fatherhood Change Him: 'It’s Enriched My Life and Given Me Anxiety'"I was obviously so nervous," he continued. MORE: Colin Farrell Says ‘Well-Hung’ Ewan Mc Gregor 'Should Be Proud'There was a reason for the candid confession, of course.

"Like most men, I had, what you would refer to as 'retro-bush.'"The director went, 'Oh...,' and I went, 'OK, I'll trim it,'" the 40-year-old actor shared. Farrell told the "narrowing" tale in order to raise money for the CHIME Institute, a charter school in Woodland Hills, California, which provides an inclusive education for children with special needs, who are able to study alongside their non-special needs peers.

Farrell revealed that his 13-year-old son, Jack, has attended the school for years.

The two made a splashy appearance in early 2003 at the premiere of Farrell’s film “The Recruit,” and were spotted canoodling at the Chateau Marmont later that night.

The romance didn’t last long, however, with Farrell claiming, “We’re just mates.” Spears was reportedly offended when, later that year, the actor sent her a gag gift of a shirt bearing the slogan “I slept with Colin Farrell and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” In July 2002, Farrell met Narain, Playboy’s Miss January of that year, at a party at Hugh Hefner’s fabled mansion.

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Because I was just used to drunkenness and dark rooms and clubs and toilets and wherever." Farrell, 37, had a reputation as a ladies' man earlier on his career after being linked to the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

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