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I once had a patient come to me with severe recurrent anxiety. If you’re an overachiever and want to get really into this sort of stuff, people always say good things about yoga and especially pranayama breathing.

Their study trends towards finding that cognitive behavioral therapy works better than supportive therapy, but is unable to prove significance – apparently more research is needed.If you can’t find (or don’t want to find) a good therapist, there is preliminary evidence that a good self-help therapy workbook (“bibliotherapy”) is about as good as real therapy – including for anxiety (study, other study, yet another study).I have no special insight into which self-help workbooks are any good, but The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Program seems to get pretty good ratings.I’ll mostly be talking about what’s called generalized anxiety disorder, with some applicability to panic disorder.Social anxiety, specific phobias, et cetera are their own thing, as is anxiety secondary to other illnesses – but some of the advice may cross over.

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