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The fact that my cousins are collecting engagement rings like goddamn Pokemon while I’m going on yet another date with yet another investment banker named John (seriously, how many of you are there?

) actually means nothing — and comparing myself to other people is really what's triggering my anxiety.

She rolls her eyes as brides-to-be bemoan seating arrangements and gown expenses.

“I’m starting to think that maybe not everyone falls in love.” Emotionally Realistic, Yet Slightly Wounded Maria bemoans her bad dates, slaps on a fake smile when you show her your engagement ring, secretly blocks your babies on social media, and sneaks off to the bathroom to swipe on Tinder to soothe her fears of dying alone.

Some days I am totally happy in my single status; I treasure my alone time, I hang out with my friends, and I roll my eyes whenever someone complains about how stressful their wedding is.

(In fact, Chill AF MDR is the persona that I’m feeling more now than ever.) But there are definitely days when I feel terrible about receiving yet another wedding invite with a space for a plus one, that I will undoubtedly leave blank in my RSVP.

That only made me sadder, and the snake continued to feast on its own damn tail.

After spending time in these two personalities, I’ve come to the realization that I am both of these versions of myself concurrently.

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