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Lenox placed their logo on either spot, depending on the piece and the pattern.If you also see a "Made in the USA" stamp, it indicates that the piece was made after 1930.

Lenox made pieces in small numbers for individuals and companies, and as these patterns were only made in limited numbers, they did not always bear the Lenox name.

After the success of the plates, Lenox started to produce complete dinnerware sets.

Chief designer at Lenox, Frank Holmes, contributed greatly to Lenox's brand and popularity by winning several awards including the 1927 Craftsmanship Metal of the American Institute of Architects and the silver metal of the American Designers Institute in 1943.

This American-made fine china can be found in many antique malls, shops and shows and is often sought after by collectors.

Walter Scott Lenox and his partner, Jonathan Coxon Sr., started a porcelain making business called Ceramic Art Company back in 1889, in Trenton, New Jersey.

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The first letter and number refer to the date of the piece.

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