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If you are bisexual, you don't fit into a mold; you make them.

It often takes some time to be completely comfortable with this sexuality superpower, hence the coming-out stages for many bisexual people are complex and often take years to complete.

Oh, what do ya see there, something called "sexual fluidity"?

That's also pretty appropriate, because my sexual/romantic attractions could change over time.

Oh, you've been assured that bisexuals don't actually exist, much like unicorns or diet Dr. Can't self-identify using a term that people have considered a slur in the past? I've now spent enough time being part of a bisexual community to understand that one word will never be enough to describe our awesome diversity.Should I be gay and then be straight, or vice versa? OK, after talking to friends and telling people I'm bisexual, it's not really working out.Gay guys don't want to date me, because they think I'm still in the closet, or that I'll leave them for a woman.OK, now that I've been fluid and/or pansexual for some time, it doesn't feel like it's enough.I know now that "bisexual" can describe me, no matter what type of relationship I'm in (or not in).

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