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Each of our couples receive a beautiful Certificate of Marriage. We can schedule the perfect time for your wedding, or make that last minute wedding or a special place to elope, a reality!Let me help you make your wedding a beautiful and memorable experience without a huge expense.

It is recommended that children under 12 not visit inpatients.

This is a time when we gather together to acknowledge the love and commitment made between the couple, before family friends and before God.

And I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day and contribute in making it the blessing you both deserve.

However, depending on the patient's condition, the physician in charge may authorize extended overnight stays for patients who are terminally ill and whose death is imminent, and those patients requiring one-to-one observation.

Medical-Surgical Unit Patient care is our first priority, so there may be times when visitors may be asked to step out of the patient's room.

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