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I t h a n k m y f a m i l y doctor, a traditional reiki t h e r a p i s t , Dr. Clive Duncan, t h e h e a d o f t h e O r t h o p e d i c D e p a r t m e n t at U B C , f o r t h e i r c a r e f o r m e d u r i n g m y c o m bined illness a n d pregnancy. G a r y A r b u c k l e for his criticalc o m m e n t s o n m y w o r k a n d f o r e d i t o r i a l assistance.

A journey with Ateru 567 A p p e n d i x I: T h e A i n u W r i t i n g S y s t e m A p p e n d i x II: A i k o ' s M i d w i f e r y 574 577 1) The initial sitting posture -- 577 2) The foot as a tool - 3) Finger techniques 577 - 578 4) Techniques for breech births 579 5) Treatment of the umbilical cord - 580 6) Resuscitation techniques - 7) Follow-up examination. Photograph from author's collection (page 349). Photograph from author's collection (page 350). Photograph from author's collection (page 360). 13 Spatial pattern at Kawakura according to basic elements. Photograph from author's collection (page 374). Kishigami Nobuhiro of the National Museum of Ethnology for valuable materials on traditional Ainu culture, as well as some stimulating intellectual exchange. Aoki Etsuko, the head of Peureutari no kai, and her husband for warm friendship and support. I am always grateful for the existence of the Rera-chise ("House of Wind" in Ainu) near Waseda University, an important gathering place for Ainu in the Tokyo area, for friendly smiles, good barbecued salmon, and acceptance.

From Hirano Sadahiko, Oominzui (1788), reproduced in Yamada 196 (page 25). Translated and redrawn from Shichinomiya 1989: 44 (page 51). Figure from Sannai-Maruyama Jomon Era File (repeated appearances) (page 57). Reproduced from Aikens and Higuchi 1982: 245, figure 4.37 (page 62). Reproduced from Isho Nihonden volume 2: 1412 (page 95). I o w e special thanks to m y relatives i n and f r o m Hakodate a n d Kiraichi. I thank the junior m e m b e r s of m y household, Leo, Lyre, An-an and Aidan for keeping the house lively a n d energy-filled.

9: Ainu place names in northern Honshu and southern Hokkaido. I also thank m y friend E r l i n d a Constantino w h o c l e a n e d o u r h o u s e , c o o k e d , a n d c o n t r o l l e d t h e c h i l d r e n w h e n I w a s ill.

Abstract Hi Firthermore, by revealing a significant level of shared spiritual beliefs and practices between the past and present inhabitants of the Japanese archepelago of Japan and the traditional peoples of Northeast Asia and byond the Bering Strait, the study will point to a need for both Ainu study and Japanese study to be placed within the larger cultural domain, namely, the northern circumpacific region. Photograph from author's collection (page 412). O k a d a Y a s u h i r o o f A o m o r i Prefecture S a n n a i - M a r u y a m a Site Office; M r . F u k u d a Yoshijiro of "Chimeikara b u n k a okangaeru kai" for valuable materials and information on Ainu placenames in Aomori. K i m u r a T o s h i n o r i o f K a s e a n d the K a n a g i T o w n B o a r d o f E d u c a t i o n for their assistance w i t h m y fieldwork in Kiraichi and Kase. Fujim- Oto Shizue o f K a n a g i for hospitality a n d valuable information. I a m also grateful to Professor Shibata Shigeo o f Iwaki-machi for valuable input o n the A i n u heritage of Tsugaru, and encouragement i n m y research. M i y a z a w a Seiroku o f Hanamaki, the only surviving brother of M i y a z a w a Kenji,for his hospitality and encouragement for A i n u research i n N o r t h e r n H o n s h u , as w e l l as M s .

Table of Contents iv Table of Contents Abstract ii Table of Contents iv List of Figures and Illustrations x Acknowledgements xiv Chapter One: Introduction 1 Prologue: Isis in darkness 1 Shamans and Ainu -3 Shamanism and shamanizing 5 The modern Ainu and their neglected roots 13 The dawn of Ainu studies? -- 23 Heritage and gender: cutting the roots 26 So who are the Ainu? F u k u s h i S h o i c h i o f A o m o r i C i t y B o a r d o f E d u c a t i o n , a n d M s . T a k a h a s h i M a r i k o o f t h e M i y a z a w a K e n j i M u s e u m . K i m u r a Eiichi o f M i z u s a w a city for his hospitality a n d for information o n his father's w o r k o n A i n u place names, a n d to M r .

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