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The invention of the English mile—Series 3 Episode 3 26.Elizabeth I’s Christmas present turns out to be a timekeeping revolution—Series 3 Episode 5 27.Series 4, Episode 11 URHD Queen Victoria learns her British comforts aren't very British, a Viking warrior won’t stop talking in rhyme, and the contestants try to become executioners on the Axe Factor. This Is Your Reign: King Henry VIII —Series 1 Episode 2 2. Ready Steady Feast: Comparing the diets of rich and poor—Series 1 Episode 10 7. Imagine spot: Choosing the next royal executioner on The Axe Factor—Series 1 Episode 11 10.King Henry VIII plays tennis while his Queen Anne Boleyn is executed—Series 2 Episode 11 20.Horrible Histories World Wrestling”: Francis I of France defeats Henry VIII by tripping him up—Series 2 Episode 12 21.Series 4, Episode 1 URHD Dick Whittington pitches a movie about his life, Stone Age technology geeks queue for hours at the unveiling of the Bronze Age, and some German bomber pilots find an unfortunate use for a tourist guidebook to Britain.

Historical Paramedics: Tudors—Series 3 Episode 6 31.Series 4, Episode 6 URHD A confused Christopher Columbus declares he has found India, a Georgian woman reveals her very Stupid Death, Victoria and Albert attend the Great Exhibition, and Tsar Peter III brings a very weird case to the Court of Historical Law.Series 4, Episode 7 URHD Emperor Napoleon plays in a very unusual chess match, a Victorian Inventor builds an anti-seasickness ship with one small design flaw, a snowball fight breaks out at a public execution, and the British Army hires a dead tramp to defeat the Germans in WW2.The ghost of Richard III challenges William Shakespeare over the historical accuracy of the play based on the King’s life—Series 1 Episode 13 12.Elizabeth I is picky about her portrait—Series 2 Episode 1 13.

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Historical Head Teachers: Mr Bullen—Series 3 Episode 8 32.

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