Ng model not updating

Later when user updating the value in the field,expression output the value from input component to variable.Is this makes sense now how two way binding works in Angular JS? If you have any thoughts, please write it in the comments section.The reason for this behavior is the dynamic scoping of the framework.

To create Kendo UI widget instances with Angular JS, do not use server wrappers for these instances.

The better solution is to bind a variable to that field and output that variable whereever you wish to display the updated value throughoput the application.

But, what-if the binding has to be bi-directional, if you make any update on the field it should reflect in variable and if there is any change in the variable then that should reflect in the field. If you have worked on most of the Java Script frameworks, all of them supports only one way bindings.

In this way, you benefit from the features available in Angular JS, such as declarative data binding, routing, form validation, and others, and employ them when building up your project.

Important The initialization of Kendo UI widgets in Angular JS projects is not designed to be combined with the Kendo UI server wrappers.

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