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He was married first to Catalina Xuares, from which marriage there was no issue, and, after her death, to Doña Juana de Zuñiga, niece of the Duke of Bejar.From this union there sprang four children: one son (Martín) and three daughters.He thinks it will be possible to add to the collection as more people discover a lost reel of film in an attic or wonder what that dusty box contains.

Much of the BFI’s extraordinary collection — more than a million films — has not been digitized, a fact that Mc Callum bore in mind while cherry picking titles for “Jewish Britain on Film.” “I looked at what we could transfer and put in the collection, particularly looking at the obscure and less widely-known titles,” he says.And yet, there is a connecting thread — the celebration of “Jewish Britain on Film,” a collection which has just been released by the British Film Archive.And, curator Simon Mc Callum explains, this is part of a much bigger project– “Britain on Film” — where researchers are attempting to digitize more than 10,000 titles.“Not just looking at documentaries and feature films, but also at how Jews have been portrayed in British cinema, because that in itself is an interesting story.” The earliest films in the series coincide with the 1905 Aliens Act and are, says, Mc Callum, “pretty anti-Semitic in nature.They rely on Jewish stereotypes that were quite prevalent at the time.

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