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And when you get off the plane, no need to show your passport: you're still in the same country.Other bizarre north-south pairings covered by Chile's north-south extremities include a trip from Berlin to Lake Chad, the northern tip of Cameroon, coincidentally one of Germany's former colonial possessions.I particularly recall 762 being missing for a long period and have since ascertained from archive records that it was taken out of service in November 1948 and reappeared the following March after overhaul!

The glass window in the sliding door separating the platform from the lower saloon was always painted black (so that the interior lights did not distract the driver at night) with a key pattern advertising the Birmingham Municipal Bank.This opened up the road to the southern tip of the continent.As a result, Chile measures 2,653 miles (4,270 km) from north to south.Just a few kilometers fron the southernmost tip of the continent, there is a monument marking the geographic center of Chile!It claims to be the north-south midpoint of the nation.

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  1. 'In May each year we would see numbers of young men, each one with his bag, containing a few of the most necessary articles of clothing on his back, with a paddle & 'setting pole' in his hand...embarking in their bark canoes...' Montreal, 1802 [1] Introduction There is surprisingly little detailed information available to reenactors on voyageurs' clothing.