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And if her Health drops to the point that she is nearly dead, kiss that Mega Playboy Ending goodbye! ) Get your Intelligence up to 60, at least (just to be safe). Don’t forget to visit the front gate of the school to increase her hentai level.Day 13: Make money, preferably through finding and selling those items from the stone hunts. Day 31: Make some extra money and/or go stone hunting. Depending on the randomization of the game, you might not have yet, but yout still should have most of them by now). Depending on your skills in fighting, you might be able to defeat the Blooding King.Buy the cans, then go to Ami’s to work on the machine. Don’t forget to visit the front gate, and pool, and the roof, of the school, to get hentai points for Tomoko (pick the naughty option, not the nice ones).

The trick here is to not freak out at some of the prices at first.

Be patient, sell a stone or too when the price is high, and buy stones when the price is low. If you do that, you should have all 12 stones (and some very good money) in order to get the Goddess Ending.

Even if you are going for the Mega Playboy Ending, you can sell the stones to get the 0,000 needed for that ending, just in case you messed up on the model competition.

You should have 200 Charm by now, so either search for those stones (and sell any items found), or work at the Convention Center (with the 200 Charm, easy 0). She will be our main focus for the next week or two.

You should be able to buy 20 coffee cans, the starter item for the Time Machine.

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