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The circuit clerk's office sends the to the Missouri Bureau of Vital Records to prepare a new birth certificate when the state is involved in the case.

If you are handling your own case, you should check how the Judgment is sent to the Bureau of Vital Records.

Court rules generally require the filing of a " The judge/commissioner will order a new birth certificate showing the names of both parents and the child.

A new name for the child is included if ordered by the court.

Courts usually ask a party in the case to write complete the The judge/commissioner must remain impartial in order to hear your case.

The judge/commissioner and parties only can communicate when everyone involved in the case can hear and join in the discussion.

You have the right to get information before the hearing about other witnesses who will testify and copies of documents that will be used.

The judge/commissioner will not read letters you send to the court.Genetic testing and mediation may be ordered at a pre-trial hearing.The judge/commissioner hears evidence at the final hearing ("trial"), and then decides the case.Paternity means "fatherhood." A person's status as a legal parent of a child depends on the marital status of the parents.A paternity establishment case decides the legal status of the biological parents who were not married to each other when the child was born.

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A parent who has been denied court-ordered parenting time may apply for enforcement by filing a family access motion.

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