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Instead of setting up different scenarios or vignettes for Katt's potential dates, the movie mostly has girls coming by the sandwich shop looking for Katt.

The few scenes where he actually goes on dates are boorish and nonsensical.

If not for them, I would have given the movie a 1/10 instead of a 2.

The vision center of the brain is located in the occipital lobe at the back of the head.

Are we really supposed to expect that he doesn't know that a condom must be put on a fully erect penis? The problem is most stand up comedians make bad actors, especially with an inexperienced director.They don't have the instinct to work as an ensemble the way comic actors do. Willis, Liana Mendoza, and Sula Symonds, as well as Jessica Meza.After the hug, the next shot is of Larry taking the bag from Danny again. See more » Reading the title and seeing the cover made me think this was one of those "American Pie" movies.En contraire mes amis, this movie made me laugh and feel sad at the same time.

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The story of Danny's life (pretty darn well written) was touching.

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