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When however I discovered that a concerted attempt was being made on 3 classical forums to silence me, purely because I refused to abide by the classical case taking procedure that was laid down as the sine qua non of handling a case, I decided to take these attacks which in some cases were downright mean and vulgar, head on.

This defense did take its toll on my time as I am not a professional homeopath and I am largely self taught not only in Homeopathy but also in other spheres of knowledge.

Unfortunately the single remedy method used in classical homeopathy often fall far short of attaining this goal and it is the patient who pays the price in unnecessary suffering.

It is no wonder that the single classical remedy was far off track and the patient continued to suffer so very unnecessarily and was compelled to return to his classical homeopath for further investigation and treatment.Keeping his edge and being honest with himself is key to Rogan’s outlook. “The two things I understand best are stand-up comedy and martial arts.And those things require an ultimate grasp of the truth.You have to be objective about your skills and abilities to compete in both. [Actors] all want an incredible amount of attention, and they all take themselves so seriously.” In fact, Rogan says his former .“[Actors] talk about their work as if they’re saving lives. ’” Another actor Rogan took issue with was Wesley Snipes.

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