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Brendan Ryan, auctioneer at Butterscotch Auctions of New York, where the photos are being sold, said: 'The consignor became involved with the Beatles when the Let It Be project came to New York to be remixed by Phil Spector.'He even filled in for Spector at times during his collaborations with John.

He told me that John preferred to get to the studio around 6pm, but Spector would always show up at 9pm or later, and so he helped set up the sessions while they were all waiting for Spector to arrive.'While he worked with John in the studio, he said that he worked closer with George Harrison and became good friends with him.'He was one of the first people to hear All Things Must Pass in full and was instrumental in organising George's Concert for Bangladesh in 1971.'The polaroid pictures are personal photographs taken by him, who was present during this New York meeting between John and George.'As such, they are quite rare, intimate images of the bandmates and give insight into how they would spend their free time and socialise.'Towards the end of his Beatles career Harrison converted to Hinduism and became friends with Indian sita master Ravi Shankar who asked him to put on the benefit concert.

First, he pointed out that the leap from Jim to Jack is not as big as some might think.

The series opens with a scene set in Lebanon in 1983, and features two young boys running around playing and doing chores when they’re suddenly interrupted by an airstrike on their home. C., where Jack Ryan (Krasinski) is getting in an early-morning rowing workout.

Another snap shows Lennon wearing a T-shirt and jeans, sporting his trademark round glasses as he sits on a sofa reading a newspaper.

Two more images show a smiling Harrison in the hallway and Lennon deep in concentration as he tried his hand at Japanese calligraphy.

We wanted to start Jack and Cathy’s relationship when they were dating, so there was some dynamism there and we could see how that relationship unfolds. But one big difference between him and his predecessors (including Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, and Chris Pine) is that this version is not based on any one Clancy novel, but instead throws the author’s iconic characters into a new story that resonates with the geopolitics of the modern world.

“I think that one of the hallmarks of Tom Clancy’s franchise was that he really managed to put his finger on geopolitical issues of the time,” Cuse said.

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Previous trailers have indicated the plot might revolve around how money makes its way into the hands of terrorists.

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