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Eventually we will be forced to deal with this situation, and adopt a more professional approach.To put it another way, would you really want to run this sort of operation in Germany without having somebody in Berlin?

And of course it doesn't help that "south" refers to a direction while "South" (with a capital S) refers to "the southern states of the U.

In the interest of promoting a fuller discussion regarding the points raised in this proposal, below please find pages for your use.

Feel free to add other topics as needed, or reorganize this discussion some other way.

congrats --Angel54 5 (talk) , 8 October 2012 (UTC) Hey folks -- I am about to start writing a section that will make reference to the WCA.

If anyone can point me towards basic information about the WCA, that would be really helpful.

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  1. Since the government seems to envision displacing the whole island's population under the May 10, 2013 decree, who will this development really serve?