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The real purpose of a mecha, in a game at least, is based around what it can do.Two years later Treasure came along and proved this rather magnificently.This is where Hover Attack comes in, as games like Leynos were too hung up on showing off how cool the mecha was but Hover Attack wasn't showing a mecha at all so the game didn't suffer from a limited viewpoint.Hover Attack was also only a partial base as Bangai-O was offering something far greater in scope.Treasure solved the problem of their mecha's potency by making the actual sprite tiny.

Basically, the more agile and well equipped a mecha becomes the more viewing space the player needs to use it effectively.

One of the more visually memorable attacks was when the Ideon fired off a volley of omnidirectional guns.

Now, try and imagine that occurring in a game where you just see the mecha up close. You need to see where the shots are going, so you can ascertain whether you've taken out your targets.

Leynos 2 partially solved this problem by having the camera zoom in and out. Mecha, apart from its size and aesthetic, are not solely defined by aesthetic parameters.

The reasoning being that you needed to see your cool assault suit, as that was the main focus of the game. Just showing these aspects to a player is rather pointless in fact, as they have no functional merit.

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Their games are revered in an almost monolithic sense, beacons of taut gaming functionality they distill the mechanics of a game into something palpably cogent.

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